Goodbye Bad Breath!

Joelle and I had been working on perfecting the design of our TeethRefreshers for several months. (It’s truly been a labor of love <}!)

And then one day I was driving my dear sweet early teenager son to school. Half-way to his school, I noticed an interesting smell. Ok, sorry to gross you out and embarrass my son. (I’m definitely going to be in trouble for this one.) It was the smell of bad breath!!!!

I turned to my dear sweet early teenager son and asked, “Did you brush your teeth?” The answer was a non-chalant, “no”. Oh the early teenage boy brain!

Thankfully, I had one of our early TeethRefreshers prototypes in my purse (of course – I took it everywhere to show to friends and family, to get feedback). It was all filled up with our amazingly tasting signature all natural tooth gel. I handed it to him and told him to get his funkk OFF! ASAP!

He then asked if he could take it with him into school so he could use it after lunch too! This was one of the first of many very satisfying moments in our journey when I realized how big of a need there is for FunkkOFF! TeethRefreshers. No mom with teenagers (especially boys) should be without our product in her car. And every teenager should have one in their backpack.

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